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Fullerene Filter Kit for BIOPTRON Pro 1 (PAG 990-FFK)

Fullerene Filter Kit for BIOPTRON Pro 1 (PAG 990-FFK)

New stock arriving in February 2023.

The fullerene filter is the Bioptron polychromatic filter embedded with fullerene C60 nanoparticles.


The discovery of the Fullerene C60 molecule led to the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry and triggered a new field of research, introducing the world to new kinds of symmetric quantum nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology.


In 2017, inspired by the properties of the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the fullerene C60 molecule and quantum physics, Bioptron scientists developed and patented the unique Fullerene C60 filter, which acts as a nanophotonic generator that transforms Linearly Polarised Light (existing Bioptron light) into Bioptron hyperpolarised light.


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