Colour Light Therapy for a Metaphysical
Approach to Well Being

The BIOPTRON Colour Light Therapy provides well-being for health-conscious people. Using the seven colours of the spectrum, BIOPTRON Color Light Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body‘s energy centres. The individual monochromatic colour filters are not included in ARTG 304389.



Red: Base or Root chakra: Feeling of Bliss. Embraces courage. Works with the crown chakra in a circular motion. 

Orange: Sacral or navel chakra: Feeling of pleasure, desire and self-respect.

Yellow: Solar Plexus chakra: Feeling of self-worth and personal power. Upward flowing earth energy meets downward flowing cosmic energy. Sensitivity to external energies. Lifts our spirit. Provides clarity.

Green: Heart chakra: Feeling of love and compassion, joy, forgiveness, passion and faith. Works with Christ consciousness. Balances physical and spiritual energies.

Blue: Throat chakra: Feeling of speaking your truth. Links heart and mind.

Indigo: 3RD Eye chakra: Feeling of intuitive knowing.  Extra sensory perception. Expanded awareness. Spiritual purification. Works closely with the Crown Chakra. Clairaudience and clairvoyance. Helps us to go within, look and grow.

Violet: Crown chakra: Feeling of universal connection. Mental clarity. Inspirational and divine feeling. Enlightenment, self-knowledge, integration of higher-self consciousness.

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