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BIOPTRON 2 with Domestic Stand (PAG 883)
  • BIOPTRON 2 with Domestic Stand (PAG 883)

    The BIOPTRON 2 cosmetic light therapy device is primarily designed for professional and home use. Different stands are available (professional, y stand, wall-mounted) to assure the best-fitting solution for every need. The easy positioning allows a comfortable treatment for the client as well as for the professional user. On a control panel the duration of each treatment session can easily be preset up to 95 minutes, dividable into minute-steps. The filter diameter (approx. 15 cm) permits the treatment of larger areas (a shining surface area of 200 square cms) and hence offers a time effective therapy.


      Wavelength: 480 – 3400 nm
      Degree of polarisation: >95% (590 – 1550 nm)
      Specific power density: av. 40 mW/cm 2
      Light energy per minute: av. 2.4 J/cm 2
      Light Intensity: min. 10.000 lux
      CE labelling: 
      Weight without stand: 4.3 kg
      Power Supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
      Power consumption: 1.4-1.0 A


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