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Bioptron Light Therapy can be used as a complementary treatment in

Dermatological Disorders and Skin Problems

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can be used as a complementary therapy in the treatment of various skin problems, such as:

• Atopic dermatitis

• Psoriasis

• Herpes simplex

• Herpes zoster

• Superficial bacterial infections

• Acne

• Acne rosacea

• Mucosal lesions

These types of skin conditions are quite common and most people will experience one or more of them at some point in their life. Although most skin diseases are not life-threatening, they can be very distressing for the sufferer and have a negative impact on their quality of life. 


For example, acne (spots) occurs in around 80% of teenagers and young adults, particularly young men. The presence of numerous spots on the face can cause psychological problems, including loss of confidence and feelings of depression. Another example is eczema, which occurs in 5% of adults but is more common in babies and young children (15% affected). The constant itching and skin soreness caused by eczema can be very upsetting, particularly for children, and often prevent the sufferer (and their families) getting a full night’s sleep.


Some people with skin conditions may feel ashamed or stigmatised by their disease, particularly if it affects ‘visible’ parts of the body such as the face and/ or hands. Non-sufferers may have incorrect views about the skin disease, e.g. that it is contagious or that the sufferer is ‘unclean’.


A further problem with some of these skin diseases is that patients do not like the existing treatments. For example, many of the creams used to treat psoriasis are greasy, smell unpleasant and stain clothing.


BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help to promote skin healing and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with various skin disorders. This treatment is clean and simple to use.

* Before use please consult your physician to check if this therapy is advisable for the intended treatment purpose.

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